Information and Communications Technology Executive / Senior Executive / Manager


Position Type
Information and Communications Technology Executive / Senior Executive / Manager Full Time


  • 1. Infrastructure Support for Information Communications Technology (ICT) for AA(S) and Eden School

    • Oversee group level ICT Support for AA(S) and Eden School.
    • Oversee group level IT support team and deployment to support the following units.
      1. AA(S) Headquarters
      2. Eden Children’s Centre (Clementi)
      3. Eden Children’s Centre (Simei)
      4. Eden School Campus 1
      5. Eden School Campus 2 (future)
      6. Eden Centre for Adults (Clementi)
      7. Eden Centre for Adults (Hougang)
      8. Eden Activity Club
    • Develop SOPs for maintenance of hardware and software and inventory and movement records of all ICT equipment in the organization.
    • Propose improvements to upgrade classrooms, computer labs and special rooms to facilitate the deliverables in the ICT Work Plan
    • Liaise with external vendors for group level purchases of ICT hardware and software
    • Project manager for existing IT systems and maintenance, including but not limited to the following:
      1. FAQ System
      2. Student attendance system
      3. Resource loan system
      4. Human Resource system
      5. Finance SAP system
      6. Student Affairs system (proposed)
    • Project manager for development of systems for future needs
      1. Donor management system
      2. Volunteer management system
      3. Membership management


    2.   Data Management

    • Manage and review the use of shared drive / cloud systems for organization’s file storage and sharing needs.
    • Manage the related servers, hardware and software to ensure sufficient data storage capacity and relevancy, provide updates and improvement suggestions etc.
    • Drive and track data management by key process owners aligned to requirements in QAF.


    3.   IT Support

    • Drive and implement IT related SOPs and processes for AA(S) and Eden School
    • Explore and secure innovative platforms to facilitate student engagement in learning and professional development for staff
    • Oversee IT support team to provide support for staff needing advice on ICT related matters
    • Promote and create opportunities for effective ICT use across AA(S) and Eden School.
    • Procurement of additional IT assets as required by the organization.
    • Oversee IT budgeting and ICT work plan.
    • Oversee IT risk assessment and business continuity plan.

    ·     Provide ICT support for Event Committees.

    ·     Provide support for branding, social media, publicity and marketing resource creation

    • Ensure support for the following are met
    • Provide first level technical support to end users for hardware and software related issues, i.e. WiFi, email setup when required
    • Perform basic troubleshooting of IT infrastructure, i.e. firewall, wireless controller, server systems.
    • Installing and configuring new or existing computer systems
    • Set up and configuration of log in and email accounts for new users according to security profiles / deleting of accounts
    • Assist in implementing new hardware, software for related IT assets
    • Document and ensure compliance for IT SOPs
    • Perform regular system housekeeping
    • Ensure working order and maintenance of IT Assets (Computers, printers, etc.)
    • Configure user accounts and shared drive access according to security profiles
    • Manage and renewal of IT related contracts, i.e. Antivirus, server warranty
    • Liaise with relevant vendors on repair and maintenance of IT infrastructure
    • Support the IT budgeting process
    • Perform periodic data backup of server data
    • Procurement of additional IT assets as required by the organization
    • Provide first level support for management of IPhone Net telephone switching system
    • Manage photocopier access for end users


    4.   Staff Training

    • Mount relevant training for all levels of staff to improve proficiency in use of ICT skills for teaching and learning, and for administrative efficiency.
    • Conduct proficiency assessment on a regular basis, and mount relevant training to address the gaps.


    5.   Special Projects

    • Project manager for Special Projects pertaining to ICT.
    • Provide support for school wide Special Projects including but not limited to
      1. IT Planning of Eden School Campus 2
      2. IT Equipment optimization
      3. E-Campus
      4. E-Catalogue
      5. Educational Resource Depository
    • Support IT requests from all departments including but not limited to – Corporate Services, Administration, Human Resources, Finance, Student Affairs, Eden School, Eden Centre for Adults


    6.   Any other duties as assigned by the Senior Manager, Corporate Services and Principal 




  • Degree holder in IT or related field
  • Preferably with relevant experience, management experience for Manager position
  • Strong problem solving and organizational skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member in a fast paced work environment


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